Vatican City State

Video Pope

The Church under the spotlight

The church also means marketing. For the Vatican, communication has always been of utmost importance and the Vatican Television Centre was created for this precise reason. Established in 1983, almost forty years have passed and in the meantime the centre has changed name (it is now Vatican Media) but its purpose is fundamental – “to contribute to proclaiming the Gospel and documenting the ministry of the supreme Pontiff with television images” – and this has remained the same.

Actually, following the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the successive conclave and the election of the new Pope Francis (in 2013), the media pressure from the major Italian and international networks increased. Thus it became necessary to update the church’s image, highlighting the direct involvement of the faithful, stimulating participation of viewers of the live television broadcasts. All of this using a new style that is ever closer to a knowing mix of cinematography and reality show.

The images shot by Gianluca Tullio between 2013 and 2019 illustrate both the centre stage and behind the scenes of a narrative that is never left to chance.

( 2019 )