Where Are the Migrants?

An invisible virus is keeping migrants out of sight (and making them more vulnerable)

What has happened to all the migrants during the coronavirus emergency? No longer mentioned, they seem to have disappeared. But this apparent invisibility makes them even more vulnerable and marginalized at a time in which the epidemic is testing everyone.
Many have lost their jobs, others have seen their asylum requests put on hold. Women victims of trafficking, who often have children in tow, have been forced to wait for their integration programmes to begin again. Undocumented migrant farmworkers in the countryside are afraid to go back to work without the necessary authorisations, while delivery riders toil without breaks on deserted city streets.
But there are a significant number of migrants who, during this strange time when normal life seems to have been put on hold, have chosen to dedicate their time to others, volunteering and performing acts of kindness and solidarity (both large and small) also towards their Italian neighbours.

( 2020 )