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CoviDiaries to be exhibited in Milan

CoviDiaries will be on display to the public from 29 January to 25 February 2022, at the Cattedrale della Fabbrica del Vapore cultural centre in Milan. Entrance is free, opening hours are from 10.30 am to 7.00 pm every day.

A two-year chronicle of the pandemic in Italy, told via the CoviDiaries photographs: a digital memory that was previously on display in Bergamo has now finally come to Milan. The story winds its way through the narratives of these recent months, from the health emergency to the socio-economic impact, from the vaccination campaign to the recovery, via the transformations that Covid-19 has imposed on our lives. The images are accompanied by tracks from the album “Quarantine Scenario”, made in 2020 by Casino Royale.

The CoviDiaries think tanks

Four discussion panels will look towards the future in an attempt to understand what the pandemic has taught us. Four sessions during which experts from various fields will exchange thoughts on key subjects such as poverty and welfare, social issues and culture, health and work.

Thursday 3 February, 6 pm
A new welfare system for new poverty classes
The pandemic made life harder for those already living in poverty, but it also created new poverty classes. Which and why? What kinds of inclusive policies are required to help those most in need and to develop a new welfare system?

Thursday 10 February, 6 pm
Transformations in social relationships, places and culture

How has the pandemic changed our social relationships, particularly for young people, and how are our cities changing? What are theatres, cinemas and concerts (one of the sectors most impacted by the lockdowns and restrictions) doing to come up with new ways for people to enjoy cultural events and entertainment?

Thursday 17 February, 6 pm
Local health systems, global health issues

The pandemic has presented a huge challenge for both national health systems as well as the international network of health authorities. What actions need to be taken to protect global health in the future? In what ways should scientific research play a more central role?

Thursday 24 February, 6 pm
Work that changes and innovates

The lockdown and social distancing have led to a significant increase in remote working as well as the reinvention of many production and operational processes. What innovations have businesses, young startuppers and institutions developed, not just to cope with Covid-19 but also to make long-lasting improvements?

For further information please visit the CoviDiaries site.