Bio Minds

How models from the natural world can help us solve problems


Life of a Repentant

The story of Michele Vitagliano, a former member of the Neapolitan Camorra


車 Kuruma

How car parking issues have reshaped urban planning in Japan


One Story, Many Stories

Our multi-channel campaign for the new Smart Meter #openinnovation


Covid Hotel

The second life of a big hotel turned hospital


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It is easier to catch a rabbit than a reader, as Gabriel García Márquez once said. Well, we’re no Márquez, but we know a thing or two about how to catch people’s attention.

Each and every photographer, journalist, videomaker, copywriter, graphic designer, art director, web editor and content strategist in our team, is there to tell epic and memorable stories for our corporate and editorial clients. We turn ideas into great visual content for those who really want to leave their mark. We do it for a living, but more importantly, we do it for you.

Latest stories and projects


2011-2021. The Making of a Revolution #1

The militias of Shabab, or revolutionary youth, which fought against Muammar Gaddafi’s forces for control of Libya in 2011, could hardly be called an army. They lacked a proper command chain, uniforms, sophisticated weaponry and military skills, and yet they stood up to the national army and kept advancing towards Misratah and Tripoli.As the militiamen […]


2011-2021. The Making of a Revolution #2

In May 2011, Misratah, Libya’s third largest city, had been under siege for three months. Gaddafi’s forces and the militias of Shabab, or revolutionary youth, fought to control the city in a conflict of unprecedented violence. It caused hundreds of deaths and devastated a large part of the urban landscape, which for weeks has been […]


Gaddafi’s Utopia

Ten thousand years of history. Civilizations that have fought, traded, loved, hated, overlapped, merged and intertwined in an inextricable tangle. Ten thousand years of history and a single, eternal common denominator: the Mediterranean. With Libya at the center: yesterday as today, it is both the natural gateway to – and exit point from – Africa. […]


Divided We Stand

A decade after the revolution, the country still struggles with civil war


2020: A Year Together

Open Power for a Brighter Future #energychronicles


The Unborn

It is actually possible to hold funerals for foetuses. And anti-abortion organisations are doing just that, often without the knowledge of the parents

Republic of San Marino

Terra Perpetuae Libertatis

Life and the pandemic in the autonomous enclave of San Marino


Naples Rises

Solidarity and creativity, solutions from a city that fights back


Via Marco Polo 1

Disability: is co-housing the way to independence?


Queer Divine

Gender fluidity and the relationship with divinity


60-Year-Old Rider

Around Milan Laura delivers all kinds of things, and always on her bike, getting herself in shape for her trip around the world


Bio Minds

How models from the natural world can help us solve problems


Heading Back South

Heading back home to southern Italy and the phenomenon of ‘south working’

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