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Ok, so that was a risky business. Futur-e is one of the Enel Group’s most important and sensitive projects. It touches very contemporary issues such as the circular economy, energy transition and environmental protection; it includes difficult industrial, technological and financial problem-solving and it involves both local communities and politics.

When we were asked to produce a specific idea for the storytelling of this project, we were rather daunted by the prospect of the huge impact it might have on public opinion. That’s why we came up with the idea of using the style of a graphic novel and a very simple and emphatic tone of voice. We invented fun characters and easy to understand situations so that everybody could relate to what we were trying to explain. It was the first time we produced a real animated video. We hired two visual artists, an art director, a script writer, a musician, a video editor, three colourists and we directed the entire project with the help of the very special communications team at Enel. The result – after three months of hard work – was unique. And our clients were so happy that they want to do new episodes as soon as possible!