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The “Giro d’Italia 103” will go down in history as the edition that “survived” the lockdown. The Maglia Rosa (Pink Jersey) went all over Italy offering splendid landscapes in the colours of autumn, as opposed to those of spring, and without crowds lining the roads. 

We have decided to tell the story of a passion that never stops, in spite of everything, through the energy of the “people in pink,” the cycling fans who – before every stage of the race – offered their thoughts, interesting facts, a few doses of irony, and phrases in their local dialect that express the values of the “Giro,” the area they live in and, of course, Enel.

The result is a “pink trail” consisting of many voices which weaves an emotional collective story. And it opens with a leitmotif that redesigns, with rotoscoping, and in a watercolour style, some of the historic moments of the Giro d’Italia.