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Yes, the future is now. E-mobility is rapidly becoming part of our world. But everyone is still unaware of most of the things that electric transport entails. Enel X – the company that is currently building and installing most of the charging stations on Italy’s streets – asked our agency to help spread the word about how easy and important it is to start thinking “full electric.” The main focus of the campaign was to fight against the vast amount of fake news that surrounds the e-mobility revolution.

That’s why we hired one of Italy’s most popular TV and web stars – Lodovica Comello – to help us explain – through a very engaging video which simulates a live Instagram session – how things really are. Electric cars are fun and easy to drive, batteries last very long indeed, charging stations are popping up all over our cities and there’s no reason whatsoever to stick to traditional and polluting engines any longer. Period.