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Open Fiber, which is the child of the partnership between Enel and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (a prominent Italian investment bank), is designed to meet a major challenge: creating a rapid internet network that covers all of Italy, including its remotest areas, in the age of digitalisation.

We tried to picture it as a road network that connects the whole country: not just the largest cities but also the most isolated villages. And that is how “Our road” came to life: it’s an integrated communication project that tells the story of the implementation of our company mission, which we have decided to convey by taking a close look at the lives of people and the places where they live. The central message of the campaign was presented in a poetic film, which was shot in five different villages in central Italy. These villages were seen as a single community and in this way we were able to show the rebirth of rural Italy through Open Fiber.