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We are proud to be working alongside Gaggenau, the prestigious brand of professional-grade home appliances, in its “Respected by Gaggenau” project. The company has launched this initiative in order to support three European artisans who have been selected on the basis of a fundamental criterion: in their work they put quality and exceptionality before everything else.

Parallelozero has produced three short films and three photo stories that introduce in a poetic way the small but special companies chosen by Gaggenau: a pig farm in Italy, a winery and a ceramics workshop in Spain. Our pride is matched by our own appreciation for the initiative. This is because at Parallelozero we also believe that quality comes before everything else.


Agency: Lime Creative
Prod. company: Parallelozero

Italian crew

Director: Andrea Monzani
Cinematographer: Giulia Rosco
1st AC: Nicolò Baggio
Producer: Javier Del Olmo
Account Manager: Sara Guerrini
Interview: Sergio Ramazzotti
Photographer: Alessandro Gandolfi
Editing: Andrea Monzani
Color Grading: Nicola Allegri

Spanish crew

Director: Estefania Cortes
Cinematographer: Francisco Jose Gas Huertas
1st AC: Adrian Garcia Sola
Producer: Javier Del Olmo
Account Manager: Sara Guerrini
Interview: Claudia Bellante
Photographer: Mirko Cecchi
Editing: Desiderio Puleo
Color Grading: Nicola Allegri