The Italian Capital of Culture 2020

Parmigianino and Parmigiano, culatello ham and the Palazzo della Pilotta, seventeenth century masterpieces and reconversions of old industrial areas. “Little Paris” is how some have rather enthusiastically defined Parma. But the “Petite Capitale” of the dukedom of Marie Louise of Austria, wife of Napoleon, is filled with buildings and monuments worthy of a capital. Ducal not dull, small and renowned for the good life, Parma is an important centre for Italian art, but also a mecca for gourmands. The ideal location to stroll around, observe and experience.

Confirmation of the city’s status has arrived with Parma’s nomination as the Italian Capital of Culture 2020. The city is set to enjoy a packed line-up of activities throughout 2020 in order to showcase the area in a new and original way, in collaboration with national and international partners, capable of boosting the reputation of the city, particular aspects of it and its surrounding area.

( 2019 )