Kenya - The Killer Daisy

The flower that’s gaining an important role in organic farming

Kenya - Chang’aa, a Liquid Nightmare

Made from distilled maize and millet, but sometimes adulterated with acid and even petrol, chang’aa is the highly potent brew that is destroying Kenya.

Kenya - The Hospital-Farm

When care and faith are sustainable resources

Kenya - Bach to the Future

An extraordinary music school inside Nairobi’s largest slum

Kenya - Lake Turkana Melting Pot

Ethnic groups in the spectacular environments at the centre Great Rift Valley

Kenya - Kakuma. Nowhere On Earth

Where Islamic terrorism meets no-man’s land

Kenya - Young Africans Are Growing Up

In Kenya obesity is becoming a problem, especially among young children

Kenya - African Cape Canaveral

The African Cape Canaveral? It’s in Malindi, Kenya, a few degrees south of the Equator, amongst sandy white beaches and coconut palms. Here, in the Sixties, the first European satellites were launched into orbit and for more than twenty years, Italy continued launching rockets into space. Then the Europeans moved to French Guiana and the […]

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