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Summer days suspended in time

Wandering the beaches on the Adriatic coast between Cervia and Rimini, sensations like the anticipation before heading to the beach, the smell of plastic toys and sun loungers, the sight of teenagers trying not to be noticed, the feeling of melted ice cream on sticky fingers, friends, passions and discoveries.

Each image is like Proust’s “madeleine moment”, triggering memories from the depths of childhood but at the same time superimposing new stories and faces, all of which can evoke the nostalgia for a time that has already been lived. Portraits and landscapes appear timeless, diminishing our perceptions of space and time as these slip away like sand through our fingers. 

Chronicling a time that has been left suspended, not unlike the period we are experiencing now with the isolation of the Covid-19 emergency, which is projecting its uncertainties onto the summer that lies ahead.

Will we still be able to experience beach life? And what will the spatial and social limitations be?


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