Italy - The Unborn

It is actually possible to hold funerals for foetuses. And anti-abortion organisations are doing just that, often without the knowledge of the parents

World - Queer Divine

Gender fluidity and the relationship with divinity

Romania - The Wedding Factory

The small town of Borșa marries 70 couples in two weeks

Italy - The Secret Venice

This year the Arsenale is to celebrate its 800th birthday

India - The Rabari

Still on the move

Senegal - Mystic Leader

A very peculiar face of Islam in Senegal

Italy - In the Name of the Olive

A truly global tree

United States - The Chapel of Gay Weddings

What God has joined together, let no one separate

Japan - The Village of Longevity

A trip to Ogimi, among the centenarians of Okinawa

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