Italy - Naples Rises

Solidarity and creativity, solutions from a city that fights back

South Africa - Chrysalis Academy

Where chrysalides transform into South Africa’s leaders of the future

Italy - The Mindfulness of Survivors

Chronicles of 20 near-death experiences

Italy - Where Are the Migrants?

An invisible virus is keeping migrants out of sight (and making them more vulnerable)

Italy - The Corona Poor

Who are the new poor living on the breadline because of Covid-19?

Italy - Your Country Needs You

The Italian production apparatus responds to the coronavirus emergency

Italy - SOS Volunteers

Providing assistance, medicines and food to those in need

Bangladesh - Dhaka’s Invisible Slaves

A roof in exchange for a life

Rwanda - 1994

A new generation is growing up.
In peace, eventually

Rwanda - A New Generation Is Born

Aftermath souls in a growing and reshaping country

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