Italy - Bio Minds

How models from the natural world can help us solve problems

India - Gas Chamber Delhi

The Indian capital is the world’s most polluted city. And the consequences are disastrous

Sweden/Norway - Blame the Plane, Take a Train

In northern Europe sustainability is on the right track

Ukraine - Back in Black

The Hasidic Jews pilgrimage in Chernobyl

South Africa - Cape Town Water Crisis

Climate change leads the entire area towards a dramatic drought

Tanzania - Troubled Water

The invisible enemy of a Tanzanian paradise

Ukraine - The Radioactive Gold of Chernobyl

When recycling is a job for dead men walking

Thailand - A Paradise Lost

How to destroy a unique natural environment in less than a decade

China - Coal. The Black Legacy

Tales of pollution and human resistance where the sun is darkened

Slovenia - Ljubljana

Europe’s green capital

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