World - Queer Divine

Gender fluidity and the relationship with divinity

Italy, Sardinia - Mamoiada. The Last Pagan Dance

In the heart of Sardinia a rite which not even the Romans were able to abolish

Senegal - Mystic Leader

A very peculiar face of Islam in Senegal

Italy - The Transhumance

An ancient ritual that keeps generations together

South Africa - Rape and Violence in the Platinum Mining Belt

The collapse of the price of platinum is severely testing the economic and social equilibrium of Rustenburg

Kenya - Lake Turkana Melting Pot

Ethnic groups in the spectacular environments at the centre Great Rift Valley

World - In Hoc Signo Vinces

Into the life of the emperor who legitimated Christianity

Gabon - Iboga, Freud’s Root

How to enter adulthood through a journey into your inner self

Peru - America’s Biggest Native Pilgrimage

The Señor Qoyllur Ri’ti, where the Catholic tradition intermingle with the fertility rituals practiced by the Andean people

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