Italy - 60-Year-Old Rider

Around Milan Laura delivers all kinds of things, and always on her bike, getting herself in shape for her trip around the world

Japan - 車 Kuruma

How car parking issues have reshaped urban planning in Japan

Italy - The Caporales

Tradition and second generation migrants

Poland - Słubfurt

A double European dream

Japan - Pure Tokyo

The second you scratch the surface of modernity, you discover centuries of rigorous education in harmony and respect for social position

Italy - Where the Eagle Flies

The long resurrection of L’Aquila. 10 years after the earthquake

Italy - Milan, Not Only Fashion

The true avant-garde of Italy, Milan is bursting with energy

Burkina Faso - Thomas Sankara’s Women

Agro-ecology: an additional weapon to fight climate change

Puerto Rico - Maria. The Hurricane of Change

A very different future after a natural disaster

Germany - Tempelhof Playground

The take-off runaway of dreams

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