Covid Hotel 1

Italy - Covid Hotel

The second life of a big hotel turned hospital

The Mindfulness of Survivors 2

Italy - The Mindfulness of Survivors

Chronicles of 20 near-death experiences

Genoa. The Lifeboat 3

Italy - Genoa. The Lifeboat

A ship becomes a floating hospital to receive Covid-19 patients

The Last Frontier of the Virus 4

Italy - The Last Frontier of the Virus

Exclusive: in Bergamo’s intensive care unit, the frontline of Covid-19

Libya, Divided We Stand 5

Africa - Libya, Divided We Stand

Almost a decade after the revolution, the country still struggles with civil war

Misplaced Paradise 6

Afghanistan - Misplaced Paradise

An oasis (almost) untouched by 30 years of war

Baraccopolis 8

Italy - Baraccopolis

Yes, Italy’s got slums. And the inhabitants are Italians

The Great Blame 9

Afghanistan - The Great Blame

A new peace deal, yet the same old issues remain

In the Name of the Olive 10

Italy - In the Name of the Olive

A truly global tree

Bach to the Future 11

Kenya - Bach to the Future

An extraordinary music school inside Nairobi’s largest slum

A Liter of Light 12

Philippines - A Liter of Light

How a tiny Filipino Ngo went from distributing a modified plastic bottle to starting a solar revolution

The Lagos Shuffle 13

Nigeria - The Lagos Shuffle

Total chaos in the centre of excellence

The Archaeology of a Regime 14

Iraq - The Archaeology of a Regime

The fall of a dictator starts from his portraits

Baghdad. The Last Supper 15

Iraq - Baghdad. The Last Supper

Pre-war souvenir pictures, an enigma from the past.

Strangers in the Night 16

Philippines - Strangers in the Night

Call center workers at their desk at night

Tomb Raiders 17

Philippines - Tomb Raiders

Manila North Cemetery’s population is very much alive

Hell's Kitchen 18

Somalia - Hell’s Kitchen

How a cook becomes a symbol of Mogadishu’s painful rebirthing

Kakuma. Nowhere On Earth 19

Kenya - Kakuma. Nowhere On Earth

Where Islamic terrorism meets no-man’s land

Mare Nostrum 21

Italy - Mare Nostrum

A large-scale operation to rescue migrants at sea

12 Years, a Slave 22

Benin - 12 Years, a Slave

A child nightmare

Journey of a Life 23

Europe - Journey of a Life

How a simple flight can change your life

In Hoc Signo Vinces 24

World - In Hoc Signo Vinces

Into the life of the emperor who legitimated Christianity

Islamic riddle 25

Uzbekistan - Islamic riddle

Architectural heritage along the Silk Road

Jungle Fever 26

Peru - Jungle Fever

Into the daily life of a true frontier hospital

Last Lighthouse People 28

Italy - Last Lighthouse People

A most romantic job is about to become history

Libreville, a Dirty African Star 29

Gabon - Libreville, a Dirty African Star

Where a champagne bar is just a block away from the nearest slum

Iboga, Freud's Root 30

Gabon - Iboga, Freud’s Root

How to enter adulthood through a journey into your inner self

In Vino Libertas 31

Tunisia - In Vino Libertas

A most unusual sommelier in North Africa

Little Manila 32

Philippines - Little Manila

Being a little person doesn’t mean you have to dream small

Till Death Do Us Part 33

Philippines - Till Death Do Us Part

When marriage is for life, literally

Seven Billion Baby 34

Philippines - Seven Billion Baby

A dubious privilege for a newborn baby

Dirty Dancing 35

Philippines - Dirty Dancing

Some pretty creative jail management

Tuvalu 37

Oceania - Tuvalu

Ten feet from extinction

Genoa. The Port's Angels 38

Italy - Genoa. The Port’s Angels

Guys who can steer an oil tanker like a bicycle

Full Step on the Gas 39

Azerbaijan - Full Step on the Gas

In oil we trust

Winter In Beijing 40

China - Winter In Beijing

Postcards from the extreme cold

Matteo Ricci: Chinese Connection 41

China - Matteo Ricci: Chinese Connection

The art of diplomacy in the Middle Kingdom

Buenos Aires. Faith for Fun 42

Argentina - Buenos Aires. Faith for Fun

Where religion is (also) entertainment

Metaphysics of the 45th Parallel 43

Italy - Metaphysics of the 45th Parallel

Traveling halfway between Equator and North Pole

Karnataka. The Key to India 44

India - Karnataka. The Key to India

The last Maharajas in the Silicon Valley

Army in Afghanistan 45

Afghanistan - Army in Afghanistan

A peace effort in a never-ending war

Navy vs. Pirates 46

Somalia - Navy vs. Pirates

A major operation to fight piracy in the Indian Ocean

The Skate Runner 47

Afghanistan - The Skate Runner

Riding away from daily life

Last Journey 48

Europe - Last Journey

A man travels to his own death in Switzerland

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