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For a Fistful of Sand

Holidaying a stone’s throw from the city

Photo by Alessio Toce

After the forced confinement in our homes in the cities grieving for all we have lost, the arrival of summer brings a glimpse of hope.
Nevertheless, there is a vague sensation that the summer season will not be able to free us entirely from the sense of estrangement that has been a feature of everyone’s lives in recent months. This summer too will be subject to the regulations and restrictions necessary to combat the pandemic.
In spite of the uncertainties, the Lazio coast, the classic summer destination for many Romans, is preparing to welcome holidaymakers from the capital.

There may well be many more of them than usual, given the restrictions preventing travel between regions or outside of the country’s borders that have forced many to consider a more local form of tourism.

Just like in a Fellini film, the dunes of Sabaudia, the ports of Anzio and Ostia and the Mount Circeo promontory are set to be the backdrop for a reality that is both new and tinged with nostalgia, recalling the 1950s when holidays were spent on the beach nearest to home.


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