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Meet the team

We have combined all the skills of the communication industry to offer a comprehensive and constantly evolving service.

Davide Scagliola
CEO & Managing Director

Alessandro Gandolfi
Head of Editorial

Sergio Ramazzotti
Head of Content

Bruno Zanzottera
Editorial Special Projects

Andrea Monzani
Business Development

Stefano Milano
Head of Content Strategy & Client Relations

Federico Cadenazzi
Creative Director

Mark Worden
English Copywriter

Marco Ferri

Javier Del Olmo
Head of Production

Giorgio Sestili
SEO Specialist

Massimiliano di Giorgio

Concetta Petruzza
Project Manager

Paolo Gangemi

Jacopo Maggioni
Graphic Designer & AI Researcher

Paola del Gaudio
Project Manager

Michele Pecoraro
Graphic Designer

Andrea Ondetti
Motion Artist

Mattia Monzani
Video Editor

Alessio Centamori
Head of Web Management & Data Analyst

Francesco Trinca
Web Editor & Management

Valeria Ferri
Office Manager

Valeria Amendola
Content Specialist

Giulia Cecere
Project Manager

Jacopo Pigoni
Web Editor & Management

Giacomo Acunzo
Filmmaker & Photographer

Laura Carnemolla
Editorial Sales Rep

Work with us

Send your spontaneous application, we are always looking for new talent to join our staff or collaborate with.