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We were born to tell stories


Since 2007 we have been a communications agency with a clear and simple vision: to tell and disseminate as effectively as possible all the stories worth sharing.

We have done so and continue to do so for the editorial world, using words and photos, and for television, collaborating on TV series and producing documentaries. We also work for large corporations, for which we have devised a method that integrates strategies, creativity and analysis.

We have developed all the skills in digital communication, and we have all the tools to work with new technologies and narrate with new languages, thanks to our in-house Creative Lab where we design, produce and manage any kind of content, with an uncompromising obsession with quality and compliance with deadlines.

We have built solid expertise on the issue of transition, which we have been analyzing in-depth and narrating for many years, and for a wide variety of targets, in every field of application. These include energy, environmental, economic and social transition, as well as the related aspects of technological innovation, the circular economy, sustainability and preservation of the Planet.

This, together with our extensive experience in journalism, has led us to become the strategic-creative partner of many large companies and institutions, for which we take care of all phases of communication, integrating them in a perfectly harmonized process: the conception, production and distribution of multi-language content, marketing, web management, strategy development, brand positioning and analysis of results.

And that is without ever forgetting our humanistic vocation and conviction. This hasn’t faded with time: on the contrary, it has been enhanced. No matter how much noise is around, a good story well told will always have the power to make itself heard.


We love stories because we are storytelling creatures. Bedtimes stories help us get to sleep as children. They are what we look for when we want distraction. They are the pillar on which nations are founded. They are capable of transforming what they contain and making it eternal. They are the energy that drives us forward. Stories create value but, more importantly, they create culture and can have a huge impact on people. We explored the Earth because a story had made us imagine what we might find there. We gave impulse to science because we were inspired by science fiction. A good story has the power to accelerate the change we would like to see in the world. The power to improve the future for all of us. And to become History.



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