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We share a world
in transition

Faced with the sustainability challenges of our time, what matters is a company’s ability to become an agent of change, to have a positive effect on the world and the environment, and to generate value for the communities in which it operates.


Quality stories that inform and entertain in a clear and engaging way. (Photo from the CO2)

A vocation to tell stories that have a deep and lasting social impact is one of the pillars of our corporate culture, which is why for years we’ve been a strategic partner working with brands, publishers, media companies, and institutions that share our values and act to improve people’s lives and the state of the environment.

A transition that’s sustainable, renewable, technological, social and cultural

Innovation and technology are vectors that allow us to concretely achieve the goals of sustainability, cultural change, and a just transition from which people, communities and territories can benefit. We accompany transitioning brands along their path, guided by the fundamental coordinates of the three dimensions of ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance.

Sony World Photography Award
Sony World Photography Award
Sony World Photography Award

Our network of partnerships for distributing and positioning stories on the just transition through editorial and advertorial content is well established and continues to grow. (Photos from projects: Liter of light; Agriculture turned upside down; CO2)

The story of the ways in which cutting-edge technologies are making our planet a better and more sustainable place to live. Bringing space to Earth is the concept for Telespazio’s new positioning.

Communicating the transition to sustainability

Communicating the transition means, first and foremost, changing the narrative that is prevalent today. It’s no longer enough to explain the impacts of climate change; it’s now necessary to show what the solutions are, as well as the concrete and measurable benefits, like how innovation has become an enabler of change to achieve ever greater sustainability, and how people are at the center of this daily transformation and are the indispensable protagonists of it.

Solutions journalism
We use the tools of ‘solutions journalism’ to tell the story of the sustainable transition from the perspective of solutions and to confirm its concrete and measurable effects using ESG metrics.

Strategic communications campaigns
We carry out communications projects on strategic sustainability pillars, producing cross-media content ecosystems, crafted with the most suitable and engaging language to create a brand voice that resonates with target audiences and positions brands as thought leaders.

Advertorials and media partnerships
Thanks to our long experience in journalism, we tell the stories that will be the most effective at strengthening brands’ reputation, including through advertorials with national and international media partners.

Generation Z
We open dialogues with Gen Z, who are deeply committed to sustainability in their everyday choices. Topical issues related to the energy transition are addressed with accessible, lively language and a positive tone of voice.

Sony World Photography Award
Sony World Photography Award

Sustainability in images. This is the essence of the values shared by Parallelozero and its partners, conveyed with the narrative power of photography. Powerful, visionary images that speak of hope, the future and respect for the environment help brands connect to new businesses and new audiences. (Photos from projects: Enel 60; Bio Minds)

The role of innovation and the technological transition

The key accelerator of the transition is technological and digital progress: constant innovation is what makes it possible to reach our long-term sustainability goals. Thanks to the skills of our professionals and the work we’ve been doing for years alongside some of the most technologically innovative Italian companies (Telespazio, Leonardo, Open Fiber, 3Sun, several global business lines of the Enel Group, and others), we’ve specialized in simplifying the complexity of technical and scientific content and in knowing how to communicate it in a clear, informative and engaging way.

Information design
We use data storytelling and the language of infographics and motion graphics in data visualization to showcase the activities and challenges of brand innovation and to communicate them in a way that’s effective and easy to understand.

Science and technology in pictures
From energy to aerospace, from e-mobility to ultra-broadband fiber optics, from microorganisms to polymers, from CO2 to the circular economy, we tell science and technology stories with images of high narrative and visual impact.

B2C, B2B, and B2G
We tell the story of cutting-edge technologies in a way that targets different audiences and engages relevant communities to explain how innovative solutions bring benefits that make the daily lives of people, businesses and cities more sustainable.

Cutting-edge technology that becomes an enabler of sustainability. Emotion and storytelling come together to create a solid positioning narrative ecosystem around the Leonardo AW169.
Sony World Photography Award
With the Italian Italian Sustainability Photo Award (Italy’s first award dedicated to sustainability), we’re asking young photojournalists to seek out and tell the most courageous stories and the most interesting innovative solutions for growth towards a sustainable future.
Sony World Photography Award
Bringing ultra-broadband fiber optics to the entire country to give Italy a new speed. Open Fiber’s challenge has also become ours, with the strategic plan and the extensive multichannel campaign La nostra strada, a journey from local economies to large urban areas.
Raymond is a long-time fisherman. Jim works for the Nith Catchment Fishery Trust. Lucy is a marine biologist. Together they are fighting to protect the Nith River in Scotland and the Atlantic salmon population, which has been drastically reduced in recent years by the effects of climate change. The first in a series of mini-documentaries for Enel Group and Extreme E around the world.

A just transition for people, communities and their local areas

If we want to create shared value for society, the environment and the economy, the new sustainable approach to doing business cannot ignore ESG metrics. It’s an approach that must be based on governance that pursues sustainable success and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) identified by the United Nations. It’s a commitment to sustainability and social equity that brings value to people, communities and all the stakeholders involved. This is the narrative we craft – thanks to our solid experience in journalism and our vocation for stories with a positive impact – with brand-specific language for the brands with which we collaborate.

Creating shared value
Connecting with communities, from big cities to small towns, is key to doing business in line with ESG principles and ensuring development and social equity. We communicate this with photojournalism reports and short documentaries thanks to our aptitude for compelling transitional stories.

Building informed communities
We design and implement solid phygital positioning initiatives with strong cultural and social value that present brands with new opportunities to create informed and responsible communities and to bring their audiences closer to ESG issues.

The just transition through the voices of its key players and the sound of the places where it’s in full swing: we produce podcasts and distribute them on major digital platforms through the creation of targeted audio-strategies.

Sony World Photography Award
Images with a very high narrative and aesthetic impact tell compelling stories of science, innovation, social equality and the relationship with the local area, and build a new visual image of sustainability through solutions to the challenges of our time. (Photos from the projects: Respected by Gaggenau; Soilless; Bio Minds)
Sony World Photography Award
Sony World Photography Award

The cultural transition

The transition to sustainability is achieved by people for people. It requires a strong corporate culture, the total involvement of management, a clear vision of the road ahead, and above all a shared awareness at every level of the goals to be achieved. The transition is therefore also cultural, within each organization, and requires building a world of values that are shared and open to change.


Content strategy and communications campaigns
As a strategic partner, we are right by the side of brands in telling the story of their business’s transition and building a new corporate philosophy; we do this by developing a coherent content strategy as well as internal and multichannel communications campaigns.

Employer branding
The people who work for a brand are its most effective storytellers. We create employer branding projects and formats to convey the transformational values of corporate culture: inclusivity and empowerment, valuing diversity and gender equality, upskilling and reskilling initiatives, and the potential of STEAM disciplines.

Recruiting and talent attraction
Attracting new talent is one of the biggest challenges a company faces. We create recruiting platforms and talent attraction campaigns, including those designed to target young GenZ talent and developed through gaming and infotainment.

Internal communications
We manage the complexity of all aspects and content of internal communications, with the brand language and formats that are best suited to engage the members of the organization and most in line with the brand’s multichannel strategy.

Sony World Photography Award
Christine GZ is one of the drivers in Extreme E, the off-road electric SUV racing series and the first race promoting gender equality in motorsports. This is just one of the empowering portraits in the extensive strategic communications plan on eMotorsports we created for the Enel Group.
Sony World Photography Award
You who know that we are each unique because we are all different”. The Enel Group has taken its values into the classrooms of STEAM universities around the world. And it did so with an inspirational talent attraction campaign created to appeal to new Gen Z talent.
Sony World Photography Award
More than 68,000 men and women work in the Enel Group’s 33 countries. They are the storytellers of Enel People, a recruiting and talent retention platform supported by an extensive multichannel campaign.

We build a world around your transition story

Do you want to share how you’re rethinking your business in order to help address the great environmental and social challenges of our time? Do you need a strategy to create brand value and position yourself as a thought leader? Do you need to simplify the complexity of managing all the aspects of communications and do you want to discover our operating model? Do you want to build high-performing narrative ecosystems with the most suitable voice, thanks to a journalistic approach and the use of data and insights?

Stories in transition