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28 April 2023

AW609: The new frontier of flight

The AW609 tiltrotor is one of the products Leonardo, one of the world leaders in aerospace, is most focused on. It is an innovative aircraft that combines the flexibility of a helicopter with the flight performance of an airplane, thanks to engines capable of rotating 90 degrees on the lateral axis. While waiting for the testing phase to be completed in the United States so that the AW609 can be put on the market, Leonardo needs to show the product’s versatility to potential buyers.


We decided to entrust the story to the people who work every day on the tiltrotor project – they are the best testimonials to the passion, technological know-how and creativity that made this visionary vehicle a reality.


The client was provided with a comprehensive package of tools to promote the product: a highly technical video in which a pilot illustrates all the features, from takeoff to landing, cruise and in-flight maneuvers, and in which each of these is shown with corresponding air-to-air footage with high visual impact; a series of videos in which the people involved in the project narrate the evolution of the tiltrotor; an exhaustive photographic apparatus; and an employer branding video to support the client’s recruiting needs.


A job for which we brought to bear all our storytelling skills in the aviation industry and our know-how in air-to-air filming, helping to tell the story of one of the most innovative products in the aerospace industry, and among the most important for the client.

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