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Generations in Pink

The Enel Group has been a sponsor of the Giro d’Italia since 2016: a common energy and values, such as the strong link with the country and its excellences, with people and local communities, with the territory while respecting the environment.

For the past few years for Enel Italia’s digital channels we have been creating a special storytelling project dedicated to each edition of the Giro. In 2021 the occasion to celebrate was special: the 90th anniversary of the Maglia Rosa.


Generations in Pink: a concept that tells the passion of an almost century-old history. The Maglia Rosa, a symbol of values and emotions that are transmitted from generation to generation and that unite the country.

A journey, back and forth in time and along Italy, told by five different generations of cycling fans, who take us on a journey tracing the 90 years of the Maglia Rosa, its energy, the territories, history and traditions.


A series of branded podcasts to promote the collaboration between Enel and the Giro d’Italia and to trace the route of the stages of Giro 104. Five episodes, five different voices and generations telling different personal stories, but the same choral story and an identical passion: that for the Maglia Rosa and all that it has represented for 90 years, heedless of the passage of time.

Each podcast opens with a theme song, an original piece composed especially for this Maglia Rosa birthday by Cristiano Lo Mele of Perturbazione: the bell of a bicycle rings and we set off on a sonic journey with an Italian-style flavor, between detective b-movies and Morricone and the carefree attitude of a 90-year-old lady who – still full of energy, like that of Enel and the Giro – pedals along the Riviera Romagnola or the Versilia coast.

Seeking out voices, stories, and anecdotes so different but united by the same passion was a journey to discover a love for the Maglia Rosa even before the journey to produce and sonify the podcast series began – a project made downhill, a truly amazing descent.

Parallelozero Credits

Strategic concept
Research, pre-production, project coordination
Subject and episode script
Podcast production and sound design
Original music production
Distribution on digital channels

Produced in collaboration with Cristiano Lo Mele (Perturbazione) and Audio Tales.

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