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A new to communicate the energy transition

The previous version of the corporate website was launched in 2016, but in 2020 the Enel Group felt the need for an update of its digital identity.

Enel’s is the story of a Group that has evolved over time, from a utility to a platform for change, from an international company to a global brand, from the production and distribution of electricity to the transformation and innovation of the energy sector: a momentous and prospective change to be reflected in the Holding Company’s new three-language site through content creation and content management.


Starting with the concept and design, the new was built on the basis of accessibility, continuous simplification, data-driven decisions, and storytelling.

A winning storytelling approach – as confirmed by user behaviour analysis – to be extended throughout the site, answering three main questions: why does Enel exist? How does it work? What does it offer?

All activities related to content production have taken this need into account.


In the area of informational textual content, work was done on offering a clear view of the organization, starting with the macro areas in which Enel operates and ending with the three main commitments: sustainability, innovation, and Open Power.


In terms of editorial content (organized on story and news formats), the focus was on a clear and robust style with an open, authentic, and inspirational tone of voice.

In the area of visual identity, the focus was on high contrast (critical for accessibility), concentrated use of color on user interface (links, icons) and identity (illustrations) elements, and a human centric photographic approach.

For video, productions included event reports, video interviews, videographics, and focus on projects or initiatives, but also all accessibility-related activities such as subtitling and audiodescriptions.


The result, through work in AGILE methodology, was the delivery to the client and the public of an ecosystem articulated between production of original textual, graphic and multimedia content, translation and updating of existing content.

Web management included all content uploading and porting activities with special attention to the SEOing and accessibility aspect.

An integrated project and an excellent opportunity to systematize all the technical, editorial and coordination skills of Parallelozero.

Parallelozero credits

Web management
Copywriting with a focus on SEO and Accessibility
Article and content writing
Graphics and infographics
Video production and post-production
Video making
Project coordination

In collaboration with iMille, NTT DATA, H-FARM.

An organic approach to communication

Our method is based on an integrated model that takes full advantage of new technologies and data analytics, enabling us to manage all phases of multi-channel and cross-media digital communication, meeting any storytelling needs for national and international brands, publishers, media companies and institutions.