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Creating Shared Value: everything is sustainable

Sustainability is a key driver for Enel Green Power throughout the value chain: Business Development (BD), Engineering & Construction (E&C) and Operation & Maintenance (O&M). A model based on CSV (Creating Shared Value) and applied in all the countries where EGP operates, to ensure that the energy produced is more than renewable: the adoption of a set of actions and best practices – from the stage of finding the location on which to build the plant – allows minimizing the impact on the environment and the surrounding ecosystem and maximizing performance, bringing economic and social benefits to communities.


An iconic journey that informs and intrigues

How to tell the story of the sustainable value chain at each stage? How to explain – in an informative yet intriguing way – what sustainable business development, sustainable construction site, sustainable plant mean? How to concretely show the sustainability that permeates the Enel Green Power model?

Thus was born a video series with mixed techniques, made of stop-motion and materiality, to create a strong connection with the concreteness of the best practices that EGP implements in territories and local communities around the world.

Parallelozero Credits

Motion design
Video editing
Character Design

An organic approach to communication

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