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Leonardo AW169: the right machine

The AW169 is a crucial helicopter for maintaining offshore wind turbines in the North Sea. On board are a team of highly skilled pilots and technicians, ready to take off at a moment’s notice and in almost any weather condition. A product placement video, but one with a strong emotional and storytelling component.

These were the requirements expressed by Leonardo, a company among the world leaders in aerospace, to show potential new customers the reliability and versatility of one of its flagship helicopters.


The project required extensive organization and coordination with flight crews to reconcile filmic needs with safety regulations, limitations, and operational issues.

The field production had to rely on a high degree of crew flexibility due to the typically variable weather conditions in the area. As many camera points as possible were opted for aboard the helicopter, with the support of a second chase helicopter equipped for air-to-air filming.

In addition to the video, a comprehensive photographic portfolio was produced.

Parallelozero Credits

Art Direction
Video Shooting
Ait-to-Air Shooting
Video Editing
Photo Shooting
Voice Over & SFX
Color Grading

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