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Autostrade per l’Italia: the campaign to tell the story of the seventh transportation revolution

“It has been written that the real genius was not the one who invented the wheel, but the one who thought of adding the other three.” How to tell the future of Italy’s highways and the seemingly counterintuitive concept of how they can be the ideal laboratory where technologies and solutions can be tested for the delicate process of decarbonization of the transport sector (responsible for more than 26 percent of the European Union’s total emissions) and a powerful accelerator of the green transition?


This was the need expressed by Autostrade per l’Italia in 2024, the year in which the company celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Italian highway network and outlines its future with a volume that chronicles the seventh transportation revolution.

“The sustainable mobility revolution starts from highways. Safe, digital, decarbonized,” published by Il Sole 24 Ore, is a detailed study carried out in partnership with – among others – Eni, Snam, Enea and important research centers such as CNR, the Milan Polytechnic and the University Federico II of Naples to envision the evolution of the more than 6,000 kilometers of network into a more modern and sustainable infrastructure.

Parallelozero designed and implemented a strategic communication project to tell the story of a century of technological development of infrastructure and especially its future and the plans to make it safer, digitized, decarbonized.

How to take action to cut emissions from current energy vectors in time to meet the ambitious decarbonization targets set by the EU for 2050? How to make highways safer and safer until the Zero Fatality goal, also set by the EU for the same year? And with what technologies? How to preserve the continent’s most complex, fragile and ancient infrastructure, making it more robust and resilient in the face of extreme weather events? In short, how to contribute to the seventh road transport revolution, in which highways play a strategic role in the multimodal system of mobility and logistics?

The complex contents of the book have been synthesized in a simple, clear and immediate way in a multichannel and SEO-oriented ecosystem that (starting from the dedicated hub on the institutional website) has been articulated through a narrative and popular communication project consisting of infographics, articles, motion graphics videos, social media content and podcasts.


“Direzione Futuro” is the podcast that Parallelozero curated in partnership with Will Media, hosted by Guglielmo Paternesi, celebrated face and voice of the news channel community.

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