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Enel People: a platform for recruiting

The need was to tell the world about the Enel Group, in order to attract talent to a multinational energy company that, in 2016, revolutionized its corporate philosophy with a new logo, a new image, and a business strategy that made a decisive turn toward technological innovation, digitalization, sustainability, and decarbonization through renewable energy. A revolution that needed to be supported by a robust and effective employer branding campaign.


Attracting new talent is one of the biggest problems facing a company, and it is summed up well in an old saying, “The best people never work for you.” At the same time, people are the heart of a company, those who constitute its most valuable capital.

“Take away my companies and leave me the people I work with, and soon I will have better companies than before,” said the famous U.S. entrepreneur Andrew Carnegie. So, who can tell the story of a company better than the people who work there, and who are making an important part of their career path in that company?

To tell the story of the new Enel Group, it was therefore decided to entrust the narrative to the most effective storytellers, those who know it better than anyone else: the more than 68,000 women and men who work in the 33 countries around the world where the Group operates.

Actually, not all of them, because that would have been too complex: 70 were chosen, who alone represent ten different nationalities and work in the most diverse sectors.

A crew traveled to three continents to visit people in their workplaces and get their life stories in five different languages: what they do, how many locations and roles they have changed since the day they joined the Group, what their professional growth has been like, what their vision of concepts such as sustainability, innovation, and energy is, what was the biggest challenge they have faced in their careers.

The stories have been aggregated on Enel People: an interactive platform where users do not just listen to the answers, but can also choose questions, and satisfy all their curiosity about what it is like to work in the world’s largest private renewable energy operator, as if they were conversing with a friend.

The platform was complemented by an integrated multichannel campaign consisting of stories, social cards, photo portraits and billboards inside the Group’s offices.

A work that allowed us to fine-tune a powerful employer branding and employer retention tool, refining it interview after interview, but also to refine the methodological and psychological approach to be taken so that people not accustomed to the camera can best express their communicative potential.

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Interview conducting
Production and logistics
Video and photographic shooting
Video editing
Content strategy

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UX/UI Design & Platform Development: iMille Agency

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