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Generali: people at the center of cultural transformation

The Generali Group accompanies its clients in shaping a more secure future and getting the best out of life by deriving daily value from their insurance company. And with its new strategy, the Group aspires to become people’s “lifetime partner.”

A cultural transformation that has one of its foundations in the people who work for Generali, who turn ideas into reality and build the trust relationship with the client day by day.


How to communicate core values to target audiences? How to convey this cultural transformation to the people who work for the Group? How to tell people’s passion for their work?

With a strategic employer branding project that has been developed over several years and has seen the production of various content (visuals, cards, logbooks, interviews, and above all several series of video formats) for the channels (including internal communication channels) of the Generali Group.

A day in the life of…

Stories of Generali’s people, each of which tells in an intimate and inspirational way an ordinary day, at work and in the private sphere, made up of small gestures and great achievements, with fragments of daily life that leave room for spontaneity and storytelling.

Stories of people who have been able to build an inclusive and customer-oriented culture.

People and values at the center

Generali’s people represent core values, are the protagonists of change, and can set an example for other colleagues and convey a commitment to being a lifetime partner every day. A corporate culture that has inspired the narrative line of the different video series that have been produced.

Such as “I am Generali,” “Coffee Break,” and the entertaining “Guess the finance,” popular and calibrated for use on social media. A series of videos to explain in a simple way the key words of the financial world, through the voice of two people from Generali playing Taboo, following its rules.

People are the bearers of values, outside and inside the work context, they are a key element in building trust, and they have been the protagonists of the stories and the strategic project we have carried out alongside Generali to promote the philosophy and values of its cultural transformation.

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An organic approach to communication

Our method is based on an integrated model that takes full advantage of new technologies and data analytics, enabling us to manage all phases of multi-channel and cross-media digital communication, meeting any storytelling needs for national and international brands, publishers, media companies and institutions.