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Join us, a Gen Z journey

What entices talented young persons to join a multinational corporation? What is the most effective language to intrigue them and induce them to espouse its mission? The Enel Group wanted to bring its sustainability values and goals directly into the classrooms of STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) universities around the world, promoting the pillars of environmental protection, diversity and inclusion with a multimedia campaign capable of inspiring and touching the right chords of Generation Z. An original recruiting initiative with a strong visual and communicative impact.


Getting to know Gen Z

Extensive sociological and psychological research was conducted on Generation Z to analyze the target audience and its behavior dynamics in detail. The first generation of digital natives is highly aware of the world’s problems and particularly sensitive to environmental issues. The everyday context of this target audience is extraordinarily rich in information, visual stimuli and sharing opportunities. Gen Z also presents itself as suspended in a complex and continuous balance between identity perception and a sense of belonging to a community that social networks have made as vast as the Planet.


The campaign concept leverages precisely the unity/uniqueness ambivalence, starting with the inspirational speech used to present the initiative in the universities. In this case, the powerful metaphor of building a ship was chosen: if you want a group of people to build a boat, you don’t need to explain precisely how it is done and give each person a specific task, but simply urge them to desire the sea all together.


The same concept underlies the visual language of the campaign. The clean outline and solid, primary color backgrounds without shading create a seemingly flat world, where, however, large empty spaces are designed to allow room for reflection, while a simple, incisive copy accompanies those watching the video to a spontaneous conclusion: together we can help build a better world.


“”You who know that we are unique because we are all different.”

The entire campaign puts Gen Z at the center, eliminating self-referentiality altogether, to focus on the message and the crucial value and role of the girls and boys it targets.


The future belongs to everyone

The study and implementation of this campaign gave us the opportunity to delve into the psychological and social dynamics of Gen Z. Valuable information from which we developed a series of recruiting tools that are very different from traditional ones and carefully aimed at the young target. The dissemination phase of the campaign also allowed us to field test the effectiveness of these tools in universities in numerous countries around the world, i.e., in the catchment area most coveted by large companies, particularly in the technology sector.

Parallelozero Credits

Art Direction
Motion Designer
Voice over

An organic approach to communication

Our method is based on an integrated model that takes full advantage of new technologies and data analytics, enabling us to manage all phases of multi-channel and cross-media digital communication, meeting any storytelling needs for national and international brands, publishers, media companies and institutions.