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An institutional communication campaign on LinkedIn and Twitter to raise awareness among decision makers about the European Union’s REPowerEU plan and the measures of the “Fit for 55” package while increasing public awareness of electrification of consumption.

A project to be developed for Enel Group’s European Affairs in Brussels and a coordination of large electricity market players (including Iberdrola and Schneider Electric), industry associations (Wind Europe and Solar Power Europe) and civil society organizations (European Environmental Bureau and E3G-Third Generation Environmentalism).


The campaign goal: to highlight the benefits of electrification from renewable sources in order to reduce dependence on gas and other fossil fuels.

To achieve this, the work initially started with a data analysis (Google Analytics, Semrush and other tools) to identify the main sensitive issues related to electrification. This enabled the data-driven content strategy to develop the campaign’s strategic plan.

The strategy is developed from the #WattAChange concept, which leads directly into the electric context (with the “watt/what” pun) and makes it immediately obvious how the choice of electrification is a clear paradigm shift, a change that is good for the Planet and at the same time positively affects the energy costs underlying people’s consumption.

How to tell and make evident this change and especially its benefits? How to manage to do this in a simple, obvious and immediate way on social media, where the attention span for content is extremely short?

Beginning with the main themes highlighted by the analysis (the everyday uses of electrification of consumption and the expectation with respect to the concrete benefits in terms of savings and efficiency) and resorting to reports and authoritative sources related to the energy context, numerical data and comparisons and percentages were developed that would clearly express the environmental and economic advantages of electrification over gas and other fossil sources, to show concretely how electrification is a winning choice.

On the basis of these numbers, we worked at the creative level on a series of data visualization (social media cards) that would clearly, curiously and attractively show the data, playing on visual equivalencies where possible.

The first wave of the campaign focused on e-mobility and domestic uses (heat pumps and electric boilers).


The second wave proposed new equivalences and comparisons (including hypothetical and future projection in 2030) relative to a number of European Union countries and – using the claim “Watt if you switch to…” – reiterated the advantages of choosing electric heating over gas and other sources and focused on the benefits of renewables.

Finally, there was a focus on a lesser-known but crucial issue: permitting, or the (too lengthy) permitting processes for renewable plants.

Here creativity had fun comparing permitting timelines and the amount of bureaucracy with the construction times of world-famous buildings and infrastructure and with the page count of some literary masterpieces from different eras.


Important topics for the future of the Planet and the impact they have on our daily lives, and very complex data made simple, immediate, fun.

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Data analysis
Content strategy
Concept and strategic plan
Art direction
Data visualization

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